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Know when to hold`em and when to fold`em. Texas Tutor product description

text background text background Texas Tutor logo Texas Tutor logo Texas Tutor logo Know when to Hold'em - Know when to Fold'em This is not a game. This is a serious training tool that teaches you the value of your pocket cards. Texas Tutor was designed to be an aid and training tool for beginning to advanced Texas Hold'em players to learn the ranking value of your two initial (pocket) cards. Without doubt this is the most important aspect of the game. Texas Tutor will train you on when to fold, when to call and when to raise based on the true value ranking of your hand. We gave every combination of two cords a ranking based on 1 million test hands. If you played 1,000,000 games with 10 players at the table and nobody folded, this ranking represents the winning percentage assigned to each hand from A-A 31% to 2-7 off suite 4.03%. Proficiency Tester This is a flash-card tester. The program will flash two cards and you respond with the proper play. All missed answers will be queued for random re-play. Missed re-played will be re-played until all are answered correctly. Hand Ranker After you select two cards, Texas Tutor will display the exact winning percentage plus the ranking of that hand on a vertical sliding scale along with a recommendation on what to do (fold, call or raise). A great companion to playing on-line. Threshold Adjustments There are three (savable) adjustments. You can adjust the thresholds of when to call, when to raise also set the area of the ranking chart you wish to work in (top 75,100, 125 or all 169). The position of the two threshold adjustments is the key to playing at the very optimal advantage. We recommend sticking with the installed vales. The key to advantage play is playing only those hands that have the highest probability of winning. This program will teach you which hands those are. $19 Texas Tutor Product Description