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Item Separator Item Separator text background text background Advantage gambling, or advantage play, refers to a practice of using legal ways to gain a mathmatical advantage while gambling. Someone who practices advantage gambling is referred to as an advantage player. Every 169 unique pairs of cards carries with it its winning percentage from AA(31%) to 2-7 off suite(4.03%). Your winning percentage is the average of all the hands you play. Texas Tutor will use a flash-card style of training to teach you exactly which cards you should be playing. This software will randomly flash all 169 unique combinations of two cards at you and you answer Fold, Call or Raise. Missed answers go back in queue. Real world practice environment against a real shuffle that you define. Did you know this hand ranks 113th of 169 in winning percentages? High speed auto-play testing This software is designed to be used on the casino floor at the Baccarat Tables by the casino. Complete Session Analysis including pattern searching Pattern Recognition Testing Money Management (bet progression) User definable shuffles Programmable shuffle machine delivers an endless series of non-repeating shoes list item image list item image list item image list item image list item image list item image list item image Programmable players list item image list item image Texas Holdem trainer logo FEATURES Baccarat Software. Developers of Baccarat Buster 2, Shuffle Tracking Tools and Texas Tutor software, Mesa Verde Software Systems has been the worldwide leaders and experts in Advantage Play software apps for over 20 years . Shuffle Tracking border Shuffle Tracking separator text background World Class Advantage Play Training Apps. Shuffle Trak 2000 has been upgraded and replaced by Shuffle Tracking Tools. Our exclusive Shuffle Tracking Tools will allow you to define as many casino shuffles as you wish using simple drag and drop steps. Then just click on each segment on the mapping screen to see where each card and segment goes. Learn the true value of your starting hand Learn Shuffle Tracking logo Shuffle Trak logo Buster Software logo Shuffle Tracking Tools Casino Floor Baccarat History Display Software Shuffle Tracking is the newest technique to be used by blackjack players to gain an advantage. It is far superior to counting and until now thought to be beyond the average player's capabilities. We have have made shuffle tracking available to everyone with the introduction of our exclusive method that requires NO super human memory talent or extraordinary concentration. It's actually easier than counting. We can teach YOU to shuffle track in 30-45 minutes utilizing our amazing NEW method. Need results only? Get 10-40 thousand hands per minute of actual non-repeating data. We certify that dealt cards come from a shoe and those cards get shuffled per your definition at the end of each shoe. Free Shuffle Tracking Course Free Shuffle Tracking Course Free Shuffle Tracking Course Limited time offer. Use Promo Code TABLE33 for 33% discount Take The Course Free Tool for our valued visitors Windows Baccarat B/P Search tool for Excel files. Does not expire and nothing to sign up for or buy. No strings attached (promise). Complements of Does not comunicate with anything outside except on demand product information. Product Info and Software Download Discipline and Patience will make you an Advantage Player Don't believe it? Take the course - It's EXTREMELY EASY and FREE. Product Information Pricing Product Information DO YOU PLAY THESE CARDS? Free Shuffle Tracking Course