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Opposite / Repeat Strategy Balanced Play Strategy Seat up to six simulators at the table all with different programmed logic and turn on the high speed testing. Run 1,000 hands in less than 15 seconds. You'll know real fast which logic is working. Standard (Plus, Minus, Times, Devide or Fixed Dollar) Charlotte is using Flat Bet Progression Run 20 shoes and compare their score sheets, you will see that adding Flat Bet progreesion produces a much better outcome. Program a sim to play some simple pattern recognition then program another sim to play the same logic except add Flat Bet progression to this sim. Flat Bet 111224488 Type Pattern Recognition Strategy NO random number generator Seat up to six players all with different strategies and with or without bet progression Bet Progression COMPARE THE RESULTS High Speed Testing You are playing against a shoe of cards that gets dealt and shuffled Definable Strategies Programmable Players (c)Copyright Mesa Verde Software Systems 2022 Email: If you want to test and develop your strategy this is the software that gets the job done High Speed Strategy Development Developers Of Baccarat Buster 3 Product Overview Here's A Free Gift For You Hold'em Players Compare the score sheet of two players seated at the same table playing against the same 20 shoes.