Baccarat Buster 3 screen shots and product description

Pattern Analysis SHUFFLE Opposite/Repeat Pattern Recognition This is an example of how to setup the popular 111224488 money management system You are playing against actual shuffles so you get an endless series of non-repeating shoes. Baccarat Buster 3 shuffles the cards. If you are playing against a manual shuffle you can define that casino's shuffle and play against that shuffle. Cards are actually shuffled at the end of each shoe. At the casino who knows what that machine is doing inside. BB3 allows you to see what it's doing. In level 1 we are looking for P and bet P. In level 2 we look for B and bet B You can program Simulators to play variations of your strategy and seat them next to you as you play to see which one does the best. Baccarat Buster 3 is a professional set of tools that will allow you to play and high speed test your playing strategy Program a Simulator to play your logic, seat it at the table and turn on the High Speed, set it to play 10 shoes. In 10 seconds you know if your logic works. Free minor revision upgrades for life. Extensive built-in help system. Tracks which side was bet, bet amount, running total, side won and Flat Bet logic line. Wins are highlighted. Grid can be exported to Excel. It does NOT have a random number generator CERTIFIED TO RUN ON ANY WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM Score sheet for any player position. Search for BBBB then BBBP to find the better bet after the sequence of BBB. In this example of 50 shoes we searched for BB and found 833 occurances in 50 shoes and 3273 hands. Find any pattern and plot where it occurred in every shoe. All data grids can be exported to Excel with one click. Player Score Sheet Pattern Searching Comprehensive Analysis Statistics A two pattern conditional bet. A match on the first pattern raises the Bet Flag then if it finds pattern two and the Bet Flag is still on, a bet is made. Define up to 2 levels Opposite/Repeat recognition. Define up to 5 levels of pattern recognition with up to 8 positions and the option to make up to 4 additional (overriding) bets based on a win or loss at each level. Real world practice and testing environment against a real shuffle. High speed auto-play testing All matrix output can be exported to Excel Pattern Searching Complete Player Score Sheet Worst Bets Best Bets Pattern Analysis Matrix Programmable players Comprehensive Session Analysis The shuffle engine delivers an endless series of non-repeating shoes Setup a 111224488 bet system with one click. Enter the starting bet and click the Recalc button. With 80 levels of progression you can define any variation of Flat Bet Progression. In this example, in line 1 we establish our standard bet of 30 chips. If it Wins go to line 21, if it loses go to line 2. Supports high speed testing of any variation of a Flat Bet Progression System Bet Progression - Money Management Software Download $69 BUY NOW If you are looking for a real world testing environment, this is the software that gets the job done. Include either of two types of bet progression. Standard multiply, divide, add, subtract or fixed amount based on W/L. Supports all variations of flat 1326 / 111224488 type Money Management \ Copyright (C) 2008-2022 Mesa Verde Software Systems Software does not operate with Flash Graphics Compare the score sheet of each player seated at the same table playing against the same 20 shoes.