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text background text background text background text background text background Texas Tutor logo Shuffle Tracking Tools logo Texas Tutor buy use credit cards Not logged in text background Shuffle Tracking 101 Learn to shuffle Track in less than 45 minutes by remembering a series of 12 characters. Download Software Instructions Virus protection's job is to protext you from viruses. Whenever software download is involved, it gets especially criticle. So look for warnings, windows that may open in minimized state or colored bars (usually green) that may appear at the top of the screen. Do not use your browser's back button to return to Mesa Verde as this will not take you to the correct software download page. At the conclusion of the payment process, on PayPal's last screen, Click the `Download Software` link. You may experience a small delay before returning to the download page, wait. Shuffle Trak 2000 has been replaced by Shuffle Tracking Tools. Door is always open Take the FREE Shuffle Tracking 101 course buy Baccarat Buster 2 We shuffle the cards! Baccarat Buster, Baccarat Logic, Baccarat Strategy, Baccarat Software, Baccarat Strategy testing, Bacarat Forum, Shuffle Tracking, Shuffle Trak, Shuffle, Mesa Verde Software,Mesa Verde Software Systems, real world shuffle, beat baccarat All software is immediate download Check-out this site for free Advantage Play training Mesa Verde Software Systems Marketplace Buy Product Information Product Information Product Information Buy Now Baccarat Buster 2 logo use credit card buy Shuffle Tracking Tools buy Shuffle Tracking Tools buy Shuffle Tracking Tools $49 Know when to hold'em and when to fold'em There are instructions on the download screen on how to create a CD if you should want one. All the tools you need to get you started shuffle tracking including the famous Shuffle Tracking 101 course Software Download Submit any promo code on next screen