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Mesa Verde Software Shuffle Lab. Learn to shuffle track, define any shuffle, analyze shuffles

Shuffle Tracking Tools Analyze, disect and study any shuflle you have access to. It is recommended that you take the Shuffle Tracking 101 course to fully understand the output of these functions All the tools you need to get started shuffle tracking. Product Information The tools in Shuffle Tracking Tools are bundled together with a very comhensive tracking training-aid table. See how easy it is to define any casino shuffle in the world. See for yourself how easy it is to shuffle track utilizing our unique method. This course is free to the public and takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. You will master a casino shuffle in use today throughout the world. Shuffle Tracking Tools logo Shuffle Tracking Tools logo Everyone should take this course Free Shuffle Tracking 101 Course Mesa Verde Marketplace Start Course Define New Shuffle