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Shuffle Tracking Tools product description

text background text background Learn to Shuffle Track Tools Learn to Shuffle Track Tools Shuffle Tracking Tools logo use credit cards Windows logo $49 Immediate Download Development Table Features Shuffle Tracking Tools includes a Tracking development table Define virtually any casino shuffle in the world Get your Shuffle Tracking KEY for any shuffle you have defined. Easy operation drag and drop shuffle definition. Define virtualy any casino shuffle using Grab, Riffle and Strip. Drag 2 stacks to the middle level and click Riffle. The result will move to the top. Drag a stack to the Stripper (middle right), select the number to strip and click Strip. The Strip routine supports alternate strips from the bottom. Do not use your browser's back button to return to MyUpperHand as this will not take you to the correct software download page. At the conclusion of the payment process, on PayPal's last screen, Click the `Download Software` link. You may experience a small delay before returning to our download page, wait. Download Software Instructions Before you buy read this first Virus protection's job is to protect you from viruses. Whenever software download is involved, it gets especially criticle. So look for warnings, windows that may open in minimized state or colored bars (usually green) that may appear at the top of the screen. Click on a colored segment to see where each card and segment goes after the shuffle. Click on a lettered deck to see what segments make up that deck. Helpfull hint: Save the keys for all the casino's you play at in your cell phone, that's all you need. Make all selections that will lead to installation. Take The Course Free 30-45 minute Shuffle Tracking Course Shuffle Tracking Tools Product Description
  • Specially designed development table to aid in learning to track
  • Highlight and track individual card values from discard to next shoe
  • Individual deck count of next shoe as cards are picked up
  • Graph running count of current shoe
  • Define any casino shuffle in the world with easy drag and drop operation
  • Shuffle Playback will show the shuffle step by step
  • Shuffle Mapping screen, see where every card goes
  • Easily create your alphabetic key as described in Shuffle Tracking 101
  • Shuffle Tracking 101 course. Get off on the right foot.