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Baccarat Buster Free BP Search Tool.

Click `Download Install Program`. Two windows will appear select `RUN' in the first and the Installation will download to your PC. Click 'RUN' in the second window and the installation program will start. If you see anything other than this then your anti-virus software is producing it. You must deal with that yourself. Select anything that will lead you to the installation. Baccarat Buster Search Tool Screen Shot Baccarat Buster Search Tool logo Use Internet Explorer to download software Contact Us Download and install the free BP Search tool For Excel Total counts displayed at the bottom Click Plot or Overlay Dial in your search pattern Every spot your pattern is found in every shoe is graphically displayed Select Excel data file No Excel knowledge required to operate Installation Instructions There is extensive built-in help in the program. Start by opening the Help menu. Nothing to buy, nothing to sign-up for Accept all the install program default prompts. A BP Search Tool icon will be created on your desktop and on the Start menu. Download Install Program