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Define any casino shuffle in the world

Two Screens On screen 2 On the first screen: You will define what the dealer does with the cutoffs. Cutoffs are the undealt cards. Named so because the dealer places the cut card near the back of the deck and cuts off the remainder of cards from being dealt. Drag and Drop In step 5 click on the pile you want to move and drag it to the stack where you want to put it and release it. You may adjust it as needed. Drag a stack to the Stripper, select the amount to strip and clik Strip. You may alternate a strip from the bottom. Drag two stacks to the middle level and click Riffle. Continue the Drag and Drop operation. Select the grab size then click the top card and drag it to where you want to put the pile and release it. This demo requires you to have Flash installed on your computer. Go ahead and define a shuffle. You will also define the penetration. Penetration is the percentage of the deck that gets dealt before reaching the cut card. You may place the cutoffs in or on the discards in 1 group, split them into 2 groups, 3 groups or split them into 4 groups.