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Baccarat Buster 3 Download $69 When you click the BUY button you will leave this web site and be taken to PayPal's secure transaction site. At the conclusion of the payment process, on PayPal's last screen, Click the `Download Software` link. You may experience a small delay before returning to the download page, wait. Download Software Instructions Do not use your browser's back button to return to Mesa Verde as this will not take you to the correct software download page. There is a Cancel button on PayPal's first screen. Status Baccarat Buster 3 is certified to run on all Windows Operating Systems. Before you buy read this first If you don't see the `Download Software` link send us an email right away Qualify For Upgrade. We do not have e-mail addresses of all purchasers. If you believe you have a licensed copy and the system cannot find it, send us an e-Mail to with your Name and Address (at the time of purchase) and we will try to find your record. Also if you remember the name of the company you purchased it from and/or the approximate date of purchase please include that information. We generally respond within a few hours. Make all selections that will lead to installation. Virus protection's job is to protect you from viruses. Whenever software download is involved, it gets especially criticle. So look for warnings, windows that may open in minimized state or colored bars (usually green) that may appear at the top of the screen. Buy Baccarat Buster 3 for $69 Existing Users UPGRADE to Baccarat Buster 3 for $39 If you don't Click `Download Software` On PayPal's Last Page you won't get the software! Immediate Download Sales have been temporally halted: Check back in a couple of days UPGRADING? Enter Email Address